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September 26, 2014 1 min read

Be notified of slow shell commands

Quick tip for not losing focus when running slow command-line tasks, such as bundle install or god forbid gem install nokogiri.

After reading this post about an utility to notify you of long running tasks (Linux only), I decided to clone it using just zsh and a ruby gem.

Put this in your .zshrc, .bashrc or equivalent: {% highlight bash %} function lmk() { eval $* terminal-notifier -message “Done: $*” } {% endhighlight %}

This snippet declares a function lmk (let me know) that will execute whatever is passed to it $*, and then use terminal-notifier to show a notification.

Make sure you install terminal-notifier by using: {% highlight bash %} gem install terminal-notifier


brew install terminal-notifier {% endhighlight %}

Load the lmk function, if not available yet source ~/.zshrc and test it:

{% highlight bash %} lmk sleep 10 {% endhighlight %}

You should see something like this:

Awesome, right?